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Roof Construction



Initial Complimentary Meeting to Give You Free Estimate

When you schedule your consultation with us, we consider it an opportunity to understand your requirements and preferences. We discuss your needs and ideas about your remodeling project. Our experts address your concerns and also provide suggestions that help in polishing your idea. 

Through our expertise, we evaluate the feasibility of the idea within your proposed budget. We clarify the scope of work so that we are able to come up with an accurate quote. Our expert discusses and provides the estimated timeframe for project completion. 

At this stage, we ensure to discuss and clarify any ambiguities regarding the different aspects of the project and explain the entire process of construction/remodeling. 


Pre- Construction Stage

After we have explained everything concerning the project, visualized your idea, decided about the budget and timeframe, we proceed with the designing phase of the project. Our pre-construction phase is divided into the following sub-phases:

3D Design

Our creative graphic designers create the 3D design of your home remodeling project. The design gives you a clear illustration of your renovation project and enables us to make adjustments per your preference before proceeding with the work.

Blueprints Service

In case your project is involved with structural changes, additions, ADU (in-law units) or changes to your existing floor plan, the blueprint is required. Our experienced architects and structural engineers  provide all the required detailed to create a complete set of blueprints. Our architect visits your site to take precise measurements of the area, which needs structural changes and options for floor plans. Once you approve the floor plan we gather and complete the required information, submit it to the city construction authorities, revise it per the comments of the city and get your plan approved. 

Materials Selection and Purchase

When it comes to material selection and its ordering, we adopt a very flexible approach. Through our knowledge and experience of the construction market and building codes, we suggest the best material options that fit your budget and preferences. Some clients already know what materials they want for their project, or just enjoy the idea of shopping around for their project. For such clients, we provide a “shopping list” along with guidelines and recommended locations from where they can purchase their desired materials with our contractor discount.

While some other clients don’t have enough time to select and purchase the materials or just want to take the assistance of professionals, in such cases, we help them in the selection and ordering of the appropriate materials, following a transparent and quick process. 

Obtaining Required Permits

Working with Homerun Design Build means you need not to worry about anything related to obtaining the required building permits and scheduling inspections. We do all that for you. You will only need to reimburse us for the city fees.



Once the construction process starts, our professional project managers supervises every aspect of the construction. We keep you engaged and updated about every progress through constant communication and ensure transparency throughout the process. We comply with the architectural design, building codes and preferences at every step to avoid any problems later on. 

Construction Completion

After completion of the renovation/construction project, it passes through the final inspection phase. We ensure that each element of construction is per the design and your requirements. We create a punch list and thoroughly clean up your space before finally leaving your premises. 


Post Construction

At Homerun Design Build, we believe in developing loyal and long-term relationships with our clients. Even after we complete your project, we are available for any assistance or help regarding any aspect of the construction or renovation project. You can trust us for any new home remodeling project or can recommend us to your friends, family, or neighbors confidently as we always serve with excellence!


We are eager to help you fall in love with your living space all over again. Just leave your info below and we will give you a call to schedule a meeting.

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