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5 Pro Tips for Hiring a Contractor for Home Remodel

Home remodeling is one of the biggest investments a person makes. Hiring the wrong contractor can lead to the loss of money, effort, and time. For this reason, knowing about the abilities, qualifications, professionalism, and knowledge of the contractors is important.

Here are some tips that you need to consider before hiring a contractor. Let’s take a look.

1. Ask for Credentials

When you find a contractor, do some research. You can check the contractor’s website or contact them on the phone. Try to find out whether they have all the necessary licenses from local and state municipalities and professional organizations.

You should also check for reviews / testimonials from past customers, as it will help you determine the quality of their work and service. But do remember that not every contractor use online channels for business purpose, so they might not have such a strong online presence. Moreover, ask for the official name of the company. The company’s name can help you search the Better Business Bureau for problems and complaints against the contractor, if any.

2. Meet In-Person and Get Bids

So, when you check the credentials and shortlist a few contractors for your home remodel, it’s time to meet them and get bids. Tell your contractors about your preferences and ideas. Try to know the person you will be communicating and working with throughout the project. You can evaluate their knowledge and professionalism by their feedback.

This meeting will help you understand every contractor’s skill level, knowledge, and experience. You will eventually need to go with your gut feeling when deciding who to work with on your remodeling project. After all, just relying on facts and figures might not be enough to make the right decision.

3. Get It in Writing

Before signing the contract, take a close look at the documents. Scrutinize the contract and make sure it has all the following legal agreements.

  • A change order clause

  • A bid price and payment schedule

  • A page defining the scope of the work

  • Disclosures about workers compensation and general liability

  • A three day right to cancel

  • A clause describing the dispute resolution

  • Mechanics lien warning

4. Be Flexible

It is important to note that a home remodel project will not always go the way you have planned. Sometimes even seasoned and experienced contractors encounter unpredictable issues due to various reasons, such as unforeseen weather changes. Therefore, you always need to be a bit flexible in terms of timeframe and budget.

5. Think Local

Local contractors who perform remodeling in your area are a safe and reliable option than the ones who offer services to other distant areas as well. Keep in mind shopping locally is the ideal approach.

These types of companies are usually involved in your community, their workers are mostly local, and if you experience a problem in the future, you can easily reach them.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, hiring a contractor for a home remodel needs time and effort so that you can pick the right professional for designing and upgrading your home sweet home. Make sure to check the contract and go through it carefully before signing it. Do remember that the key to getting the desired results is finding the combination of the right company, the right person, and the right price.

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