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7 Remodeling Tips for Your Kitchen That Always Work

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

The kitchen is the heart of your home. It is the ideal room in your house where you can enjoy and spend wholesome moments with your family. Though the kitchen may not always be in plain sight to guests, it must always be maintained, as it brings life to your home. An ‘ideal’ kitchen is a lot more than just appealing murals, starry backsplashes, sleek countertops, or gorgeous cabinets. We have listed down 7 of the best ways you can instantly amp the look of your kitchen. Go over these insightful tips whenever you plan to remodel your kitchen space in a way that is operational, easy to live and work in.

You must educate yourself on some of the tips listed below. We do not recommend making any impulsive decisions with your design that ought to be the next big kitchen disaster. If you wish to do it yourself, ensure you do your research and planning before you get to remodeling. Hiring a design-build company could be beneficial and would allow you to establish the connection between costs and available design options. They can help you to choose the perfect design that best suits your floorplan and budget. You could even ask them to work around with ideas you already have in mind, and they will always leave you satisfied.

1. Kitchen Corners

In most cases, people do not accurately make use of the space available. You can add as many cabinets and drawers in your kitchen, or you can be smart about what you already have. Create cabinet corner sections. Space-saving corner cabinets make use of your kitchen ends by installing things like lazy Susan’s or half-moon trays, which are special tray that allows the use of the deep corner areas that otherwise are not reachable.

Over the countertop, you can use garage door cabinets and diagonal wall cabinets to have better use of the upper corner area. Plan this one out carefully and ensure the swinging motion of the cabinet does not strike other cabinet doors/objects.

2. Plan the Island’s Function

A kitchen island is a freestanding kitchen cabinet option that matches your existing design or enhances it. It could have stools around it to create extra seating space or even drawers/cabinets that you may use for appliances/gadgets. If you would like your kitchen island as a counter to cook and eat, you have to plan your kitchen space accordingly. Ensure that there is a safe distance between your cooking top and the dining area on your island.

3. Don’t Forget the Countertops

Remember when we said sleek countertops aren’t necessary for having an ideal kitchen? Yeah, this is not going to contradict it. When planning your countertop, you must remember how much you use it. Those who cook frequently are likely to require more space. It is best to have one between the cooking range and the sink. You can even add countertops of two varying heights, perfect for baking and for involving the kids in meal preparation. If you do not cook as often, you might as well need only one countertop for simple meal arrangements.

4. Stack Up

Position a mini-refrigerator towards the edge of your kitchen and double-up with a mini microwave oven on top. This is perfect to have family members and friends in the kitchen without being a hindrance to the cook’s space. Moreover, if there is enough space on your kitchen counter, you can consider adding a cabinet on top of it. You can put small appliances, such as toasters, mixers, etc. in this cabinet. Or you could put spices in it so you can easily reach them with your hands while cooking.

5. Focus on a Focal Point

A focal point is always essential in every room, and the kitchen is no exception. It does not always have to be big and bulky to grab somebody’s attention, but it has to be eye-catching. Bright colors, varying sized ranges, hoods, and overly splashy tiles can be quite confusing. Instead, look for one point in your kitchen that you wish to be the center of attention. Add subtle details and relaxing colors around it that go well with the design and area. The use of kitchen islands acts as terrific focal points.

The floor, too, could be used as a focal point but ensure using decent-colored furniture around bold flooring plans. A design-build company could help you figure out the right, cost-effective focal point that suits the existing space you have around. Accent tile behind the cooktop that goes all the way behind the hood.

6. Create a Message Center

This truly is an adorable addition to your kitchen and perfect for those with kids or other household members. You could add a chalkboard or a whiteboard on the wall, sticky notes, and have a drawer nearby that has writing tools, calendars, and notebooks. Your kids will love this part of the kitchen! It’s also a great way to remind yourself of things left undone on your to-do list.

7. Carefully Color

The use of colors in a room could make or break everything. It is a great way to change the entire look of your kitchen instantly! Bold and dark colors usually shrink the size of the kitchen and are not recommended for already small kitchens. It’s also mainly subject to the color of the cabinets. A bright cabinet color will allow darker floors and vice versa.

To make your kitchen look more spacious, use light-colored floorings and wall paint, in addition to subtle shades of kitchen cabinets. Using natural kitchen sunlight that seeps through helps to expand a narrow room visually. If you are skeptical about finding a reasonable yet ideal color plan, consider hiring a design-build company.

These were some clever tips you would love to try out to amp your kitchen style. Not only are they simple but can also be very budget-friendly if planned out carefully.

Though they might seem simple to do it yourself, unless you have prior experience with design handling, we advise you to hire a design-build company. They will plan a foolproof, intricate, and affordable framework for your kitchen design that will fit your budget accordingly, leaving you awestruck.

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