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Your Bathroom Needs an Update: Hire A Licensed Contractor

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

Don’t underestimate the importance of a proper bathroom remodel. Just because a bathroom is a relatively small space, doesn’t mean that remodeling it is an easy DIY job or a job for a handyman.

Bathroom upgrades require several complex skills such as tiling, plumbing, and electrical work. Even if you are good at performing one or two of these tasks, it doesn’t imply that you can handle all tasks that are part of a typical bathroom upgrade. And above all that - most of the times it’s a remodel to which you need to pull a city permit. Hence, you need a licensed contractor for a bathroom remodeling job.

So how do you find the right contractor for your bathroom remodel?

Start by looking for ‘licensed bathroom contractors near me’ on Google. You can check websites of different bathroom remodeling contractors and see their portfolios. It’s not necessary for contractors to specialize in bathroom upgrades. General contractors for all construction and remodeling work offer great services for bathroom upgrades.

You need to look for a firm with a well-established business history in your area. Or a firm that is familiar with your specific project type or preferred style of architecture. Most importantly, choose a highly reliable contractor.

Here are some things to expect from your contractor for bathroom remodeling works.

Clear Contract

Your contractor should provide you with a proper contract. Make sure it contains:

  • The time frame for completion of the project

  • All the desired bathroom upgrades

  • Details of all the materials used and who should bring them

  • A clear description of what the contractor will do.

  • Any liabilities the contractors would pay in case of damage to the property.

  • The total price, payment schedule.

  • A warranty for materials and workmanship for at least one year

Open communication

Your contractor should be very and clear about certain things. It is necessary that you find a contractor who develops seamless communication with you. Good communication between you and your contractor is crucial for a successful remodeling project. You should also ask about the typical work schedule, so you know when to expect workers on your doorstep.

To maintain good communication, the contractor should give updates about the work progress, new schedules, or any unexpected discoveries.

Expert Advice

Choosing what style or material for your bathroom upgrade can be overwhelming. You may find it difficult to make up your mind for your bathroom upgrade. In such a scenario, you should always ask your contractor for their advice.

Your contractor can provide different design options, including ones you haven’t seen before. Experienced contractors are quick to understand your style, requirements, and budget. They will always suggest a suitable option for you.

You may want to install the shower or bathtub in a different place in your bathroom. Your contractor will tell you if it’s the best idea to do that or not, depending on the placement of water lines and plumbing connections in your bathroom.

You may want to remodel your bathroom to get a unique design or tile pattern. You can show the desired design and tiling option to your contractor. Then the contractor can give his expert advice for the related cost, possible alternatives, quality of chosen materials, or etc.

Work with Quality of Materials

One of the most important things is the use of good quality materials. There are materials that should be provided by the contractor, such as waterproofing materials, recessed lighting, and other building materials. When it comes to finish materials such as bathroom fixtures or tiles, these can be either provided by you or by your contractor.

The materials you select for remodeling your bathroom should be durable and comply with your local building codes. Your contractor should advice you what materials to get so that you have no trouble in the future. Here are some of the common finish materials required in a bathroom remodeling :

Sink and Bath fixtures

Vanity Cabinet



Vanity light



Shower Door

Bathroom accessories

Building Customized Bathroom

Contractors for building bathrooms aren’t just for standard bathroom works. They are experts in building customized bathrooms as well. If you want to take bathroom remodeling to the next level with extra facilities, you need a customized bathroom.

Your contractor will work on anything you want for your customized bathroom. You may want to get personalized cabinets or vanities. Some popular options include floating vanities and double-wide sinks that are a good option if your budget allows it. Your contractor will use your choice of wood in a specific style to customize your bathroom cabinets.

Or maybe you are into luxury bath options like a walk-in-shower, steam shower, or a free standing tub. Skilled contractors know the right materials to achieve the desired design. Their choice of materials usually last for long.

Your opportunity to expand your custom bathroom depends on your budget and style. Your contractor can try to meet your demands based on your budget and requirements.

Final Word

A contractor oversees construction and different processes that will create your dream bathroom. They review the specifications and design of your bathroom. They provide you with a bathroom remodel estimate cost. They might do the job on their own or hire subcontractors to handle some tasks or the entire project.

If you have a small project, you may not need professional design services. You can directly work with an experienced contractor. A design-build contractor can oversee both the design and construction process. This can simplify the remodeling timeline and help you stay on track, as well as within budget.

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